Bhoto Jatra

Bhoto Jatra consists of two words, bhoto (means a vest studded with jewels) and jatra (means festival). The black velvet, jeweled vest (Bhoto) also has its own story. Legend says it was given to a farmer by Karkot Naga in reward for curing eye ailment of his Queen. But it got stolen. After sometime when the farmer was attending Machhindranath festival at Jawalakhel, he saw someone wearing the same vest. A quarrel ensued between the farmer and the man wearing the vest. Karkot Naga was also at the festival in human form. He settled the quarrel and submitted the Bhoto to Machhindranath for safe keeping. From that day on every year the Bhoto is shown to the people assuring them that it is safe. As per the tradition, a priest takes out the sealed bhoto and shows it to public for three times in the presence of the chief guest at the function.
The Bhoto Jatra was begun since the Lichhavi period during the rule of King Gunakama Dev. Although the then kings used to be chief guest of the Bhoto Jatra ceremonies since the time of King Narendra Dev, the tradition was broken after the monarchy was abolished in the country.

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