Om Namah Shivaya

I am Speaking about that time when there was neither day nor night. Neither was there the Earth nor the Sky. When there was no Sun or Moon, or height or depth. This is quite before the Time and the universe. There was only a Zero then, which was beyond the rays of both Light & Darkness. There was no colour of this Zero. Because colours have taken birth after a long time. How can I introduce you to that Zero? Because introduction demands words, and i am speaking of a time prior to the origin of language. It is about that time when there was nothing.There was nothing at all. Except for a voice, which was moving across the great silence. Silence, which neither has any shape nor any colour. It is impossible even to think about that.Because thought is limited by the sphere of Time. It cannot go beyond the limit of the universe.That is why Mankind, sit at the edge of your thoughts see with your eyes closed and listen with the ears of mind. Lord Shiva is the origin of Man, origin of Word and Sound.Lord Shiva is the reason of the creation.The Sathvik shape of the frist Deva, Lordshiva, which is Panchanan and to get a direct view of that lord shiva.
Om Namah Shivaya!!

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